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Ordering Reentry Anonymous Literature & Educational Materials
 There are two ways that you may order the materials listed on this page

1. Call 813-476-8675 to place a phone order.
2. Use the Mail order PDF Form link below to print out and send us a written request for specific items listed on this page. Items are payable by cashiers check or money order. Checks are made payable to Reentry Anonymous World Service Office Inc.. Please do not send personal checks. There is a flat $5.00 shipping and handling charge above the sale price for all items. For all order requests done by mail, you need to make sure this is included in the final total for your payment. Shipping times vary and can take up to 10 days from the time of fulfillment. Items are only shipped upon successful payment processing.

*We use The Prison Book Project to donate and distribute our Reentry Anonymous book to jail and prison libraries nationwide free of charge. Every item you purchase ensures we can reach our goal of getting our book into the hands of those who need it most in order to carry the message of experience, strength, and hope*


SKU 0001: Reentry Anonymous Pamphlets. Only sold in 10 pamphlet bundles. Each item is a 5 page trifold pamphlet. Each 10 pamphlet bundle is $7.50 plus $5.00 shipping and handling for a total of: $12.50 per bundle. Only 1 title per bundle (bundles are not mixed titles). Please be sure to specify which pamphlet titles you are ordering either in your written request for a pamphlet order, in the PAYPAL ordering instructions, or upon your email confirmation from our staff after your electronic order request.

Pamphlet Titles:
  • What is Criminal Addiction?
  • What is The Reentry Anonymous Program?
  • Twelve Steps of Reentry Anonymous
  • Ex-offender Reentry Orientation
  • Reentry Anonymous: Educate. Inform. Support
  • Is Reentry Anonymous For You?
  • What is a Reentry Anonymous Meeting?
  • Youthful and Juvenile Offender Reentry
  • Why Reentry Anonymous?
  • Reentry Anonymous Principles of Group Autonomy
  • Starting a Reentry Anonymous Meeting
  • What is Ex-offender Reentry?
  • Reentry Anonymous and Sponsorship
  • Am I Institutionalized?
  • Reentry Anonymous Behind The Walls
  • Just Released, Now What?
  • Ex-offender Reentry and Substance Abuse
  • R.A.- It’s Not What you Say, It’s What you Do
  • Are You Higher Powered?
  • The Fleeing Felon: Honesty, Open Mindedness, and Willingness
  • R.A. Just For Today.
  • R.A. Experience, Strength, Hope

SKU 002: Reentry Anonymous Basic Text Book (First Edition) $14.95 The Reentry Anonymous first edition text examines: How Reentry Anonymous got started, the story of it's founder, the R.A. criminal addiction recovery program, criminal addiction theory and support, ex-offender reentry from the point of view of ex-offenders, and finally the 'how' and the 'why' of Reentry Anonymous and ex-offender reentry support as a 12 step program. Dimensions: 8.5 X 5.5. 117 pages. ISBN Number 978-0-615-52338-5. Publisher: Reentry Anonymous World Service office Inc.
Chapter Outline:
  1. Reentry Anonymous Number One
  2. Who Is an Ex-offender?
  3. What Is Criminal Addiction?
  4. What Is Reentry Anonymous?
  5. Why Reentry Anonymous?
  6. How R.A. Works
  7. Experience--Strength—Hope
  8. Honesty--Open Mindedness—Willingness

SKU 003: Reentry Anonymous Meeting Starter Kit: ($85.00 Plus $5.00 Flat Shipping) Total $90.00
R.A. Meeting Starter Kit Includes:
1. Reentry Anonymous First Edition Text (Discounted) $10.00
2. Reentry Anonymous Laminated Meeting Format: R.A. Meeting Protocols, Introduction, Steps, Principles, Meeting Guideline Standards. $10.00
3. 10 Pamphlet Titles From Our Pamphlet List Above (Each Title Consists of 10 Pamphlets For That Title). Total of 100 Pamphlets (Discounted). $65.00
4. Your Reentry Anonymous Meeting Listed in Our Meeting Resource Directory.