Reentry Anonymous 
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"No two people or legal circumstances leading to ex-offender status are the same, and so it is the same with ex-offender resources and support. Generic internet service directories with out of date and inapplicable information for the majority of the people seeking reentry resources or a reentry program offering zero peer support clearly do not work. It is now the time to educate, inform, and support ourselves as a community for it is within ourselves that the nature of criminal addiction lies, and so it is equally our responsibility as a recovering community to share the solution with those who care to seek it. Successful ex-offender reentry is a an acquired set of skills we provide by education, information, and support. We are setting ourselves up for failure if we place our expectation of success on others or finite material resources instead of the infinite resource that lies within ourselves. It is that infinite resource that only comes as a result of working the program of Reentry Anonymous" - Reentry Anonymous Founder
     This website is the official home for the Reentry Anonymous World Services Office (WSO). The R.A. World Services Office is the central distribution point in which Reentry Anonymous approved literature and 12 step criminal addiction materials are disseminated. Each individual group under the Reentry Anonymous WSO level is a self-governing entity aside from the R.A. World Services Office, which acts in an advisory capacity only. Reentry Anonymous individual groups are self-supporting, relying on voluntary contributions from members to cover expenses and only host R.A. meetings. The R.A. World Services Office oversees the group level and unlike individual groups which are self supporting, is funded by voluntary contributions, literature, and educational material sales. The Reentry Anonymous WSO is maintained as the sole R.A. service center for individual groups in which it coordinates activities such as public information, outreach, writing and printing literature and educational materials, responding to public inquiries, administering this website, chairing the weekly online ex-offender reentry & criminal addiction 12 step meetings, and staffing the reentry hotline.

     Reentry Anonymous World Services Office (WSO) serves the United States in both English and Spanish through a variety of services. We provide outreach support services for ex-offenders and their families. Reentry Anonymous is non-professional and some ex-offender resources including 12 step R.A. meetings are done in correctional facilities and institutional settings. Reentry Anonymous is a prime example of an ex-offender reentry recovery program made up of and serving those who share the common challenges of ex-offender reentry through an experienced and reliable resource and support structure. There are no dues or fees for membership in the Reentry Anonymous 12 step program or R.A. 12 step group meetings.
  • Reentry Anonymous Hotline: 813-476-8675
  • Call us before you or someone you care about makes that wrong decision leading back to the streets or incarceration.
Ex-Offender Reentry Hotline: The ex-offender reentry hotline is the informational and support method in which to contact us for ex-offender reentry and criminal addiction support. Our ex-offender reentry hotline is the only hotline of it's kind providing support and resources in both English and Spanish to anyone with a telephone.

  • Criminal Addiction 12 Step Meetings and Ex-offender Reentry Support.