Reentry Anonymous 
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Reentry Anonymous Educate. Inform. Support.

Who we are, Who we serve

Reentry Anonymous is a 12 step program of recovery for men and women struggling with a life destroyed by incarceration and the consequences thereafter as a result of their criminal past, addiction to a life of crime, and the challenges of ex-offender reentry.
Reentry Anonymous members share their experience, strength, and hope with each other in order to educate, inform, and support ex-offenders and recover from the hopeless cycle of recidivism through criminal addiction. MORE...

Why Reentry Anonymous?

What is an ex-offender supposed to do when the state or federal ex-offender voucher programs run out after 3 to 6 months? Whats an ex-offender supposed to do when they have been out for years or they do not meet the limited existing ex-offender program requirements, and they can't survive with the limitations of their criminal histories?
Have you ever asked yourself, "Why do I keep doing things that contribute to my own self-destruction and the destruction of all those around me? Have you ever stopped to think that maybe your family, spouse, society, and the judicial system may not be the problem at all? Have you ever noticed that the destruction in your life follows you wherever you go or whatever you do to stop it? MORE...

What we do, How we do it


Provide criminal addiction education and ex-offender reentry curriculum materials.


Provide ex-offender reentry resource and referral information, reentry orientation, public awareness of criminal addiction, and community outreach.


Facilitate Reentry Anonymous 12 step group meetings led by peers who themselves have tackled the challenges of ex-offender reentry and a life of criminal addiction.

You Can Help:

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